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Unique connecting devices

The sheet production extruder is particularly, though not exclusively, useful in the manufacture of vehicles, such as automobiles. This invention provides benefits in the area of lightweighting with the use of aluminum extrusions, in structural applications, through the use of unique connecting devices. Connecting devices of light metals, such as aluminum, provide ductility, i.e., the ability to be subjected to substantial deformation without fracturing, in addition to providing light weight. Connecting devices that might be employed in the manufacture of automobiles, though successful, may be further improved or replaced by the devices of the present invention. These prior art devices include certain adhesive bonded applications and certain other devices, including but not limited to cast nodes. Extruded nodes may be welded or mechanically joined to extruded lineal members or other lineal members without the necessity for adhesive bonding.


In the manufacture of twin screw extruders, there is little or no difficulty in holding close dimensional tolerances; thus subsequent machining of the product to hold dimension is typically not required in extrusions. Also the use of extrusions typically results in high quality welds without porosity problems in applications where extruded nodes are welded to other extruded members, such as aluminum extrusions. Additionally, the yield strength and tensile strength of extruded nodes are typically substantially higher than that of other alternative types of nodes.


Accordingly, improved metallic connecting devices are desired which are ductile, lightweight, thin walled, easily connected and provide adequate strength characteristics.